Debt Collection

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and managing credit control must be a priority for business owners and managers. Unfortunately in Ireland we have a culture of paying our bills late and indeed, not paying them at all. Sometime it is very difficult to recover debts rightly owed to you and then the only option left to you is to proceed down the legal route.

We offer Debt Recovery services that will assist you to recover your debts, irrespective the size, as expeditiously and with very little cost to you. Our services are set out and costed in advance of any action being taken. You will then know exactly how much it will cost you to proceed though each step in the process of recovering your debts.

Our specialist team have vast expertise in pursuing debts and try to minimise the time and costs involved in the process. We deal with all aspects of debt recovery including attending court, both bringing and defending debt collection proceedings, obtaining summary judgement and enforcing judgement by way of judgement mortgages, orders for sale, installment orders and instituting committal proceedings. 


Precise knowledge of procedures and good working relations with the courts help the quick and effective processing of debt collection cases. We have exceptional experience in all aspects of enforcement. This knowledge and experience plays an instrumental role in achieving a high recovery rate.

We understand that it is important for our clients to maintain a professional relationship with their debtors and always attempt to be cognisant of same throughout any legal transaction.